Busy Crop Season and Card Club Information

Check your calendars!! We have a very busy cropping season coming up!! We already have a couple of sold-out crops on the calendar… So, if you would like to crop, please check your calendars and check out the following dates where we have openings.

Saturday, January 19 (regular crop from 9am-9pm $20 )

Saturday, February 9 (regular crop from noon-midnight $20 )

Saturday, February 23 (regular crop from noon-midnight $20 )

Saturday, March 2 (regular crop from 9am-9pm $20 )

If you’d like to attend any of these upcoming crops, please use the calendar form (over on the right sidebar) to let us know!


ALSO!! To our wonderful card-club ladies… We do have card club this coming Tuesday, January 8. For the swap cards, we’ll only need to make 8 cards this month (instead of the original plan of 10 ).  See you then!!  And, as always, if you’d like to join our monthly card club, please contact us!! It’s a lot of fun!!